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About Glemser Loft

My family of Schofield birds originated from champion flyer's and breeder's directly from Fats Schofield of Bristol Pennsylvania. Fats Schofield was the premiere long distance and futurity King of all time in the Philadelphia area. His loft won every Futurity offered to him to fly for many years. These birds I have developed into my own Glemser Schofield strain. Our loft has wins in many races from 100 to 600 miles and our birds win for others.

The Schofields excelled in the 500 & 600 mile old bird races, but were even more successful at the 300 and 400 mile Young Bird futurities. Fats believed that young bird futurity races were crucial in the evaluation of his breeding program. Fats also had more of a European mind set in keeping his family competitive. If good birds were available to improve performance they were added without regard to "strain". Fats produced a family of pigeons that was unique in that it was competitive in a large geographical area of the United States and performed well with many different handlers. The fact that Fats family of pigeons was able to adapt to the different handlers and conditions in the young bird futurity races in different areas of the country and Win is a strong testament to there Quality.
This family will compete and win as young birds and are still dominate at all distances in old birds. It does not matter if its a slow race with a head wind or a fast race with tail wind my birds will be with in striking range for the win of the race. Very few lofts have had the Great Success of Wining as many races as I have Won.
Please read my International Federation article published in the 2011 Skytalk magazine for additional background on my loft and family of birds. CLICK HERE

Featuring Glemser Schofields and Clausing Houbens

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